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About Us

Collectively, we at Sains Agencies have over 30 years experience in the laboratory product market.

We have extensive knowledge of laboratory practices and applications and are the Sole distributors of HACH equipment in the Eastern and Southern Cape of South Africa.

Sains Agencies main focal area is supplying instrumentation and reagents to the municipal drinking, municipal waste water and industrial waste water markets and various other markets.

Ensure water quality for people around the World.

Water quality is very important for the world it is a building block of life it is what makes us tick and what makes us live.

Without water we would not be alive we would not survive there would be no life on this planet
We use water every day for everything we do and is closely linked to health.

When we think of the fact millions of people do not have access to quality water.

Every day we think it really helps to bring home what we do and how important our work is.

Water quality is life and life is the most important thing we have.

Millions of people die every year from water borne illness we need water for life it is a requirement.

The better the analysis the more detail analysis the more information to get out on its use or reuse.

Working with water is likely changing people’s lives.

We are proud to distribute products to the people who have vital responsibility for caring for water The high quality, reliable and innovative tools they need to do their critical important job efficiently  and more effectively

We make Water Analysis Better, Faster, Simpler, Greener and Informative.

It is important for us to make the instrumentation very simple to use and get the right answers.

Simple water analysis is important so that the operators don’t spend too much time to get results.

Do not need a degree or an expert in order to be sure what they are reporting to be of the product they provided.

Greener analysis is important because it gives you the accuracy that you need while reducing or eliminating additional negative impact to the water.

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